The Killbox Guild Leader Recruitment

Hey Shooters! We are recruiting GUILD LEADERS for TKB! If you are the most eligible one, jump into action now!

There are 5 different guild levels from 1 to 5. The guild level decides the guild capacity. The higher the guild level, the more members it can hold and the more commission a guild leader can earn when members trade NFT equipment in game.

Requirements to upgrade a guild:

1. How often do the members trade NFT.

2.How many tokens are staked by the guild.

3.How many treasure chests and keys are held by the guild.

4.Guild war participation.

5.How much NFT equipment does the guild have.

6.How many treasures chests have been opened by the guild.

The detailed rules will be announced when the TKB blockchain version is launched.

Commission Scheme (Default level is level 1):

Lv 1: 200 members NFT transaction fee: 0.3% ; NFT sales: 3%

Lv 2: 400 members NFT transaction fee: 0.6% ; NFT sales: 6%

Lv 3: 600 members NFT transaction fee: 0.7% ; NFT sales: 7%

Lv 4: 800 members NFT transaction fee: 0.8% ; NFT sales: 8%

Lv 5: 1K members NFT transaction fee: 1% ; NFT sales: 10%

Conditions to apply for a guild leader:

1.Telegram group, Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok, or Discord has 2K active community members.

2.Only 200 guild leader positions are available for application at the current stage. First-come first-served.

Fill out the information below to apply and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.